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About us

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Geokom Civil Engineering & Geology Ltd. was founded in 1993. The company provides service in Managing and Supervision civil projects, Pavement design, Geology and quality management (QA\QC) in civil projects. Between Geokom’s Customers you can find government departments & municipalities as well as private sectors. Through all the years past, Geokom constantly maintaining professionalism and reliability.

Geokom Ltd. has two directors:

Amnon Ravina (M.Sc.) and Nathan Honig (B.Sc.).

The company’s engineers have gained much experience in the field of road constructing, bridge building, Green projects and Engineering surveys in the leading civil engineering projects in the state of Israel.

Geokom’s engineers participate in standardization committees dealing with road constructing and construction materials to establish the Israeli Standards, its directors also advice professional associations such as the technical committee of “quarried materials producers’ organization” in Israel under the auspices of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

The reputation gained by Geokom Ltd. for its dedicated and professional service has, over the years, passed from client to client. These information sheets present the substantial activity of Geokom Ltd.

Geokom Ltd.  is authorized in accordance with ISO 9001 standard, which requires high-standard and supervised work. For this purpose the company uses the Qaonline computer program, which was developed by the company owners and incorporates all the vast knowledge and experience accumulated in the company. All this in order to enhance efficiency and continue to be a leading company in its areas of expertise.

The company’s engineers attend many advanced courses of training and tuition in order to meet all the requirements of those ordering work from the company