Advanced technology equipment for travel management systems

Advanced technology equipment for travel management systems

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The GEOKOM PMS (Pavement management system) Survey department was constructed by its engineering team for evaluating the pavements condition that are under the supervision of the Israeli public works authority. The surveys execution is done automatically while the survey’s analysis done both automatically and manually. The data collecting process is carried out using GPS based equipment and technologies, which then processed by the analyzers team and by different computerized applications for building the multi-branch database that describes the pavement’s condition from different aspects such as: damaging levels, crossroads conditions, geometry, slopes measuring, friction, roughness etc. The high accuracy of the collected data enables to calculate specific solutions for the pavement’s maintenance and can be easily integrated with previous or new environments and databases that are based GIS. Furthermore, the system can be fully calibrated to any geographical area which allows her to work with the same high standards regardless to its location.  All the data is fully backed-up and available for periodic comparison in order to estimate the pavement’s behavior as well for predicting future expenses and building patterns for damaging classifications of the roads, based on deterioration graphs of the roads network.


General structure of survey implementation:

  1. SFM-Survey management system
  2. Riding Survey
  3. Analyzing workshop
  4. Reports and maps production


Survey capabilities:

  1. Video Collection and Inventory capturing
  2. Geo-referenced road and asset condition information
  3. PCI Survey
  4. IRI- Roughness Calculation, Profiler
  5. Rutting
  6. ACD – Pavement
  7. Texture – Friction
  8. Lidar measurements
  9. Geometry:
    1. Side slope
    2. Long slope
    3. Road Radius
    4. Supper Elevation


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